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Demonstration of "road ahead" information

Demonstration of "road ahead" information

Ankerbold International was asked to co-ordinate a four nation study (France, Germany, Netherlands and U.K.) to consider the business framework for the market in commercial advanced traveller information services, including multi-modal trip planning services, dynamic navigation and route finding services. The ground-breaking report was published by the European Commission in 1998.

  • The WELL-TIMED Study Main Report »
    A report prepared for the European Commission High Level Group on Road Transport Telematics concerning arrangements for transport information management and data exchange.
    (File size: 492.2 KiB)

  • The WELL-TIMED Study National Reports »
    Reports on the organisation of travel and traffic information services in France, Germany, Netherlands and UK
    (File size: 12.4 KiB)

Since then Ankerbold has continued to work with European Commission officials on the legal and business framework for the development of travel and traffic information services in Europe and have assisted in the preparation of Commission Recommendations to EU Member States on this subject.

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