Intelligent Road Infrastructure

As part of a UK Government Foresight project on Intelligent Infrastructure Systems Ankerbold was asked to review the emergence of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and their further development in years to come.

Artificial Intelligence techniques potentially have applications for the vehicle, the infrastructure and the driver or transport user – and in particular the way in which these interact dynamically to deliver a transport service.

The related concept of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) embraces greater user-friendliness, more efficient services support, user-empowerment, and support for human interactions.

The overall function of ITS is to improve decision making, often in real time, by individuals, transport network controllers, freight and logistics managers and other users, thereby improving the operation of the entire transport system. In this study we proposed a future vision for ITS  with reference to efficient road traffic management, services for “smart” travellers making inter-modal journeys, “smart” cars, co-operative systems and automated highways.

Our conclusion was that intelligent infrastructures are required that are dependable, manageable, adaptable and affordable.

For download:

Foresight: Intelligent Road Infrastructure »
Three-page Research Briefing based on the Research Review written by Dr John C. Miles and Mrs A. Janet Walker of Ankerbold International Ltd for the Foresight Project on Intelligent Infrastructure Systems.
(File size: 32.2 KiB)

AI in Road Transport »
Science Review: The potential application of artificial intelligence in transport. Report submitted by Dr John C. Miles and Mrs A. Janet Walker, Ankerbold International Ltd for the Foresight Intelligent Infrastructure Systems Project.
(File size: 595.2 KiB)