Intelligent Transport Systems come in different shapes and sizes. Listed below are a number of examples. The menu on the left links to pages on key topics where Ankerbold made an active contribution.

For further background please consult the ITS Handbook from PIARC (the World Road Association).

Advanced Traffic Management Systems – ATMS

Examples: SCOOT; Warwickshire CC

Advanced Traveller Information Systems – ATIS

Examples: West Midlands Travel; Transport Direct; Highways Agency

Advanced Vehicle Control Systems – AVC

Examples: eSafety; Adaptive Speed Control

Commercial Vehicle Operations – CVO

Example: Cab-link; Archbold Transport

Advanced Public Transport Systems – APTS

Example: Dublin Bus

Electronic Payment Systems –

EP electronic toll collection (ETC), electronic fee collection (EFC) ; and automated fare collection (AFC)

Examples: London Oyster card ; M6 Toll Road

Security and Safety Systems – SSS

Example: London Buses