Vision 2030

The objective of the Vision 2030 project was to develop lateral thinking about the future mobility needs of people and goods in thirty years’ time;  to identify the potential roles of strategic highways in meeting these needs; and to influence the long-term agenda for strategic highways. The project was funded by the Highways Agency in England and has its own dedicated web site. Click on button:


Project overview

The general approach taken was to identify the key drivers and factors that will have an influence on mobility – specifically social issues, technology, political and regulatory aspects, and macro-economic drivers – all of which will influence our future travel. The project made use of various corporate planning tools and techniques including visioning, scenario planning, SWOT analyses and “backcasting“.

The Vision 2030 project provided an opportunity for the Highways Agency to forge and strengthen links with other organisations that may be necessary to achieve the visions. Key stakeholders include other government departments, local authorities, the motor and telecommunications industries, the freight and road haulage industry, the police, motoring organisations and the public.