Video Information Highway

HA Traffic cameraFrom 2001 to 2008 Ankerbold was advising the Highways Agency (HA) on its policies for the use and re-use of  images from HA  CCTV traffic cameras. Part of the Agency’s Video Information Highway (VIH) project involves distributing these images to TV stations, Internet providers and other commercial 3rd parties.

Under licensing arrangements developed for the Highways Agency by Ankerbold, HA is now making available images from its CCTV traffic cameras under licence to a number of organisations that provide traffic information to the public, to enable better journey planning.

When applying for a licence organisations have to demonstrate that they will use the images for one or more of the following purposes:

  • provision of traffic information to enable better journey planning (broadcast and Internet-based traffic and travel information service developers and providers)
  • tactical control of the operation of the trunk road and motorway network in England (Highways Agency operational staff, contractors, agents, and network partners such as the police, emergency services and large traffic generators)
  • cross-border cooperation between the UK’s road networks (Road Authorities in England Wales and Scotland)