ITS in Finland

In 2005 Ankerbold, as specialists Finland mapin the strategic and organisational aspects of ITS, was invited to assist the government of Finland with the development of the ITS Information Infrastructures in Finland, on behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Subsequently we were asked to provide independent external review of the Finnish national programme of research on ITS-based information services “AINO”.

Aino LogoThe AINO programme is a research and development programme on real-time transport information. This programme, which started in the year 2004, is subdivided in five sub-programmes; Public Transport Information, Goods Transport Information, Transport Network Status Information, Driver Support and Service Framework. The goal of the AINO programme is to develop the collection, management and exploitation of real-time information and to create thereby prerequisites for ITS services improving the safety, efficiency and sustainability of the transport system while increasing the well-being of citizens and the competitiveness of Finnish companies.

The independent evaluation of AINO required Ankerbold to attend research programme workshops in Finland and interview some 20 people involved in the AINO programme (the sub-programme leaders and project managers in AINO, also ITS Finland). In addition, 46 project assessments were required, plus information collected through desk study, reports, websites, European Commission etc. Results were presented to the Ministry of Transport and Communications AINO Steering Group.

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