ITS Handbook

Recommendations from the World Road Association (PIARC)

ITS Handbook - E

Edited by Kan Chen and John Miles

The PIARC Handbook on Intelligent Transport Systems provides an excellent introduction to ITS concepts and explains how ITS can be deployed to serve transport policy goals. The handbook is written with transportation managers, urban planners and designers in mind and is a valuable resource for ITS professionals and graduate students.

The handbook  is published in English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

First Edition (1999): ISBN 1-50852-103-2 Published by Artech House, London and Boston

Second edition (2004): ISBN 2-84060-174-5 published by Route 2 Market Ltd, Swanley, Kent BR8 8JR, UK

French edition (2005): ISBN 2-84060-188-5 published by World Road Association Mondiale de la Route (AIPCR), La Defense, 92055 Paris, France

ITS Handbook- CChinese edition (2007): ISBN 978-7-114-06839-3  published by China Communications Press

Spanish edition (2011): On CD-ROM available from José Miguel ORTEGA, PIARC Committees Coordinator, National Roads Administration, Santiago, Chile.