CARISMA Telematics

The CCARISMA LogoARISMA Telematics project investigated the use of Intelligent Transport Systems  in cities and regions. The project was coordintated by the POLIS group of European cities.

The CARISMA cities were Barcelona (ES), Glasgow (UK), Hampshire (Southampton) (UK), Munich (DE), Paris (Ile-de- France) (FR), Trondheim (NO) and Turin (IT).

Project overview

CARISMA Telematics reviewed the technical, institutional, political and financial aspects of ITS deployment, primarily as it affects road and public transport. The project looked at trials and demonstrations of new telematics applications, and also evaluated cases where the technology is sufficiently established to justify full-scale deployment. Each visit involved interviews with a large number of individuals closely associated with deployment of ITS in the city: local politicians, senior officers, project managers, suppliers, academics and in some cases the media . Their experiences were documented and benchmaked against the approach recommended by the “City Pioneers” project of ERTICO (1998).

Based on these interviews the project team developed a set of Advice and Guidance notes, authored by John Miles and Janet Walker of Ankerbold.

The conclusions of the project illustrate clearly the great potential that ITS offers cities and regions in the 21st century. The final report is addressed to politicians, senior managers and professionals involved in developing city transport and mobility programmes, and was hope it will circulate widely in these circles. The report can only provide a high-level summary of what has been achieved. Nevertheless it is hoped that this account of their experiences will contribute to the debate about the role of ITS and telematics in planning for transport management by cities and regions in the future.

  • CARISMA Telematic Final Report »
    CARISMA-Telematics describes the experiences of seven leading cities/regions in deploying Intelligent Transport Systems. The cities were Barcelona (ES), Glasgow (UK), Hampshire (Southampton) (UK), Munich (DE), Paris (Ile-de- France) (FR), Trondheim (NO) and Turin (IT).
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CARISMA Telematics was funded by the European Commission under the 4th Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration (RTD&D).