Project reports

Video Information Highway (VIH) Feasibility Study Report on Institutional Issues »
Results of a Feasibility Study into the institutional and operational policy issues associated with distribution of CCTV traffic camera images and their use by third parties.
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ATLANTIC Country reports »
ATLANTIC Country reports on Traffic and Travel Information Services
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How People Choose: Transport Direct Market Research »
Results of market research into how people make decisions about journey planning. (For Transport Direct)
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CARISMA Telematic Final Report »
CARISMA-Telematics describes the experiences of seven leading cities/regions in deploying Intelligent Transport Systems. The cities were Barcelona (ES), Glasgow (UK), Hampshire (Southampton) (UK), Munich (DE), Paris (Ile-de- France) (FR), Trondheim (NO) and Turin (IT).
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LTSV Prospectus »
A long-term view of the systems and technology needed to manage the growing and often competeing demands for street space.
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The WELL-TIMED Study Main Report »
A report prepared for the European Commission High Level Group on Road Transport Telematics concerning arrangements for transport information management and data exchange.
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The WELL-TIMED Study National Reports »
Reports on the organisation of travel and traffic information services in France, Germany, Netherlands and UK
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AI in Road Transport »
Science Review: The potential application of artificial intelligence in transport. Report submitted by Dr John C. Miles and Mrs A. Janet Walker, Ankerbold International Ltd for the Foresight Intelligent Infrastructure Systems Project.
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