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ATLANTIC case studies »
Case studies of Traffic and Travel Service implementation in Europe
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AG1_Planning_for_Deployment.pdf »
CARISMA Advice & Guidance Note 1: Planning for ITS Deployment.
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AG2_Promoting_a_partnership_approach.pdf »
CARISMA Advice & Guidance Note 2: Promoting a partenrship approach to ITS deplyment.
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AG3_Intermodal_Traveller_information_Systems.pdf »
CARISMA Advice & Guidance Note 3: Intermodal Traveller Information Systems.
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AG4_Private_sector_travel_infomation_services.pdf »
CARISMA Advice & Guidance Note 4: Private sector travel information servcies
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Foresight: Intelligent Road Infrastructure »
Three-page Research Briefing based on the Research Review written by Dr John C. Miles and Mrs A. Janet Walker of Ankerbold International Ltd for the Foresight Project on Intelligent Infrastructure Systems.
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