Operating agreements

Identifying Best Practice

Deployment of ITS often requires detailed operating agreements, licensing of data, agreements on data exchange protocols and information use, or a high-level memorandum for inter-agency working. The work usually involves the development of clear guidelines for the benefit of front-line staff. These agreements through a process of consensus-building between the parties through workshops. An example is the Highways Agency National Guidance Framework for Operational Activities where Ankerbold was instrumental in the early stages of development.

For data exchange there will be a need for supply chain contracts, codes of practice and other requirements. The availability of public data and distribution channels needs to be regulated in a legal framework which defines objectives, and public and private sector responsibilities. Data publishing, and distribution policy and practice will also need to be resolved (free at point of use, added value services; intermodal/ inter-agency exchange). There may be other legal issues to be resolved, including data confidentiality.