Dr. John Miles

Dr John Miles

Dr John Miles, who established Ankerbold International Ltd,  was also founder of the Transport Associates Network of independent consultants and he continues to work with them.

John was working with senior officials, politicians and stakeholders to deliver effective policies for ITS in the road transport sector as early as 1988, initially as head of the DoT Traffic Advisory Unit (1988 – 1991).  Subsequently he was promoted DoT Director (Network Management) Greater London Region 1991-1994. He was then seconded to the European Commission (Information Society Technologies Directorate) to work on the development and implementation of the strategy and action plan for Road Transport Telematics in Europe.

John established Ankerbold International in 1996 after 25 years in public service. Ankerbold quickly became established as a successful transport research and management consultancy, advising on the strategic themes surrounding the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in UK and Europe. John was the driving force for Ankerbold and can claim a number of achievements in his role as the managing consultant.

  • During 2008 John Miles was advising the European Commission in a personal capacity on the preparation of the ITS Action Plan for Europe. In January 2009 he was invited to give evidence on the Action Plan to the European Parliament Committee on Transport and Tourism.
  • John coordinated the development of the EC-funded Thematic Research Network ATLANTIC, (2000 – 2003) with Europe, USA and Canada. ATLANTIC played a central role in fostering the emergence of an International Committee on Benefits, Evaluation and Costs of ITS. He is retained as an evaluator for European Framework Programme (FP7) research projects in ITS.
  • John has been a member of the  World Road Association (PIARC) Technical Committee on Network Operations since 1996. He served as chair during the period 2004-2007  and  is lead editor of the PIARC ITS Handbook, launched at the World Congress on ITS in Nagoya, Japan, in October 2004.
  • In 2008 John was presented with an award for excellence by ITS United Kingdom for his personal contribution during  30 years to the development and outreach of Intelligent Transport Systems.

Outside his professional activities John serves as a member/governor of “The Retreat” independent psychiatric hospital in York, founded by Quakers in 1794.

John Miles is a Fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust awarded 1992 for travel to Japan and USA.